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 To Seek Comfort

At the end of a long day, where do we seek comfort?  Is it to return home to a loving family or to unwind perhaps in the car with soothing music on the journey home?  We all need to seek comfort in our busy-hustle-bustle lives.  We need this special time in our lives to become refreshed and recharged before taking on the next challenge in our lives.  Perhaps on returning home, you sink into the comfort of a favourite chair.  As you sink deep into the cushions you begin to let go of the day’s events.  The stress and tension you once felt now disappears and you relax with peaceful thoughts.  But, comfort means more than the coziness of a favourite chair or an old, soft pair of slippers.  Comfort speaks to the ease of spirit and resting in the joy of God’s love.  We experience comfort when we are still, calm, and soaking in the radiance of the Divine.


Sitting in silence, we become aware of the grace of God and feel the love of God.  We release the resistance and the insights that might have eluded us before now  become clear to us.  I now can extend comfort to others with compassion.


It is now you can feel God’s presence within you.  You know and trust that you are never alone.  We can give thanks for all of our wonderful blessings.  If something is troubling us, we can forgive ourselves and others for misunderstandings and things we have no control over.   We find comfort in peace of mind.


We think loving thoughts of others near and far.  Through the spirit of God shelters us and enfolds us with infinite love.  We can always find comfort in God’s love.  This is vital to our spirit, body, and mind.  Always, remember to seek comfort in God’s love and live with peace in your heart.


I challenge you today to take the time to find a quiet, comfortable spot, and to open your heart to God and to allow his peace to flow through you.


Affirmation;   “No matter where I am, I know I can seek the comfort of God’s love.


Until next week;   “Have the courage to step out for success and always allow your passion and uniqueness to shine.”