Challenge Yourself

Take one step at a time, stepping out of your comfort zone, closer and closer to achieving your goal.

Are you confident in your ability to succeed?  At one time in my life, I was very fearful and did not permit myself to challenge myself outside of my comfort zone.  If it felt uncomfortable or made me nervous in anyway, I would back down and remained in my comfort zone where I felt safe.  What I learned was that no one succeeded staying in their comfort zone.  I wanted to improve my life and to discover the greater meaning and purpose of my life.  I had to face “fear” and understand that fear was blocking me from seeking my heart’s desires.  Today, I have the courage to “step out” of my comfort zone and turn my desire for improvement into “action”.  Is there something you have always dreamed of doing?  Has fear held you back?  Any action you take toward your goal of reaching your heart’s desire is a learning experience and one step closer to your goal or destiny.  The more you learn the more you gain in self-confidence to motivate yourself to challenge stepping further closer to your success.  Through many learning experiences I have gained many tools that I needed and have gained confidence in my ability to succeed.

Feeling empowered by the self-confidence I have gained, I move out of my comfort zone, stepping forward to new breakthroughs.  I am confident with every new step that I take, I am able to focus on my goal and achieve it.  I believe in my ability, the confidence, and the courage to succeed.

I challenge you today, to develop and learn these valuable tools in your daily life.  Developing self-confidence, courage, and the ability to challenge what faces you every day.  Your positive action will result in positive results.

See you next time.  Challenge yourself to step out and succeed.
You can do it.  The difference between ordinary and extra ordinary is the little “extra” action you take motivating yourself closer to succeeding your heart’s desire.

Smile and make it a fantastic day.

Affirmation:  “I am courageous enough to step out of my comfort zone and take small steps each day, drawing me closer and closer to my dreams and goals.”

“Have the courage to step out for success and always allow your passion and uniqueness to shine.”