To Be Still


We all have times of struggle, worry, and frustration.  Everyone has a story of pain and sorrow within them.  How do you deal with these times of despair?  If you are feeling burdened by life’s circumstances, do you choose to be still?  It is easy to scream, run, and to lash out to others around us.  But, if you choose to be still, just become quiet, and to turn inward to recognize God’s presence within you.  God is with us in times of prayer, good times, and also in times of difficulty. It is time to be still, to take a deep breath, to search for the serenity in the beauty of a flower in the lush garden, a small ant busy traveling along a sandy path, or to seek the serenity of the sound of gentle rain refreshing the precious earth.  Know and trust that God’s  presence is also within us in difficult experiences.  Close your eyes, relax, and allow yourself to be comforted in the knowledge of “so this will also pass”.


When you allow yourself to be still, your mind and heart become still, it is now that you no longer allow your thoughts to dwell on external outcomes.  Allow God’s presence to be revealed as you release your needs to God.  Be comforted as you trust in God and allow yourself to relax and to be led out of turmoil and into peace.  As your worries transform into peace of mind and your influence on others becomes calming and reassuring in a time when a cooler head must lead.  In the stillness and silence of peace of mind you become aware of the divine good within you and know that all is well.  To seek a positive outcome is to be positive in thought, prayer, and action to receive a positive outcome or result.  Your peaceful influence becomes a calming and comforting resource to others around you.


I challenge you to learn this very successful and vital technique.  Practice this in your personal and professional lives.  You will find that it is an excellent technique to understand and use in all circumstances of life.


Affirmation:   “I am still, calm, comforted and I know and trust that God’s presence is with me at all times.”


Until next week.  “Have the courage to step out for success and always allow your passion and uniqueness to shine.”