Lynn’s Radio Interview

Lynn’s Radio Interview

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Step Out For Success!

Hear Lynn’s thoughts on the importance of taking that first step to achieving any goal.

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Take Time For Yourself

Make sure you take time for “yourself”.
Do you plan time for yourself and your happiness?  How much time do you take for yourself each day?  You always think: “I will take time later.”  The only problem with taking it later, later usually never comes.  Procrastination enters into your mind by those tiny little negative thoughts which tend to make all kinds of excuses.  “I’m too tired to take time for myself so I will do it later.”  Does this sound familiar?  That little voice in your mind is the gift we have called “choice”.  We may call it our little gremlins or the devil or whatever!  But, the bottom line is it is up to “you”, to make the final choice.  Don’t make excuses.  Make a firm, alert “choice” that will satisfy your need. 


You may run around all day doing things for others and then, upon returning home, there are plenty of work, chores and responsibilities that you have to take care of.  You fall into bed exhausted, only to awake and to begin the same pattern all over again.  But, where is the time for just “you”?  At the end of the day, are you just too tired and exhausted to do anything for yourself?  We all need downtime and we need to have some kind of personal relaxation to recharge our batteries.  Whether you take a long walk, listen to music, plan to be with friends, join a class that you enjoy, or take up a hobby like scrapbooking, knitting, or even doing a puzzle or drawing; whatever it might be, it is important that “you” make it something just for you that you enjoy!  It doesn’t have to be the […]

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Challenge Yourself

Challenge Yourself
Take one step at a time, stepping out of your comfort zone, closer and closer to achieving your goal.

Are you confident in your ability to succeed?  At one time in my life, I was very fearful and did not permit myself to challenge myself outside of my comfort zone.  If it felt uncomfortable or made me nervous in anyway, I would back down and remained in my comfort zone where I felt safe.  What I learned was that no one succeeded staying in their comfort zone.  I wanted to improve my life and to discover the greater meaning and purpose of my life.  I had to face “fear” and understand that fear was blocking me from seeking my heart’s desires.  Today, I have the courage to “step out” of my comfort zone and turn my desire for improvement into “action”.  Is there something you have always dreamed of doing?  Has fear held you back?  Any action you take toward your goal of reaching your heart’s desire is a learning experience and one step closer to your goal or destiny.  The more you learn the more you gain in self-confidence to motivate yourself to challenge stepping further closer to your success.  Through many learning experiences I have gained many tools that I needed and have gained confidence in my ability to succeed.

Feeling empowered by the self-confidence I have gained, I move out of my comfort zone, stepping forward to new breakthroughs.  I am confident with every new step that I take, I am able to focus on my goal and achieve it.  I believe in my ability, the confidence, and the courage to succeed.

I challenge you today, to develop and learn these valuable tools […]

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Learn From Yesterday

 Learn From Yesterday’s Experience and Begin a Brighter, Happier Today
Stepping out each day, I embark on a brand new adventure.  Each new day is a new day to begin again.  Look at your yesterdays as learning experiences.  No matter if your yesterday was a great day, mediocre day, or a really bad day.  You cannot change the past.  All you can do is learn from and it and move on.  Never take your problems, worries, and negative attitudes into your brand new day.  It doesn’t do you any good just another day to complain.  That means another day that you have lost to never capture again.  Learn from your successes and mistakes and begin the new day happier and wiser than the day before. 


When I am faced to do more than I think I can, I call upon my inner strength and courage to step out of my comfort zone to challenge myself.  When I am faced to be a peacemaker in times of trouble, I call upon my calm spirit and wisdom which expresses compassion and understanding.  When I am faced to share more than I think I have, I call upon my inner spirit that expresses as new ideas, infinite supply of love  and all the abundance of peace, I need to be a blessing to my world. 

When you take responsibility of yourself and whatever actions you take, you give out vibrations in either a positive way or negative way.  These vibrations that travel outward from you have strong effects on others around you.  Just like a stone thrown into a pond sends out waves all the way to the edge of the pond.  Wouldn’t it be nice, if […]

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Be Still

 To Be Still
We all have times of struggle, worry, and frustration.  Everyone has a story of pain and sorrow within them.  How do you deal with these times of despair?  If you are feeling burdened by life’s circumstances, do you choose to be still?  It is easy to scream, run, and to lash out to others around us.  But, if you choose to be still, just become quiet, and to turn inward to recognize God’s presence within you.  God is with us in times of prayer, good times, and also in times of difficulty. It is time to be still, to take a deep breath, to search for the serenity in the beauty of a flower in the lush garden, a small ant busy traveling along a sandy path, or to seek the serenity of the sound of gentle rain refreshing the precious earth.  Know and trust that God’s  presence is also within us in difficult experiences.  Close your eyes, relax, and allow yourself to be comforted in the knowledge of “so this will also pass”.


When you allow yourself to be still, your mind and heart become still, it is now that you no longer allow your thoughts to dwell on external outcomes.  Allow God’s presence to be revealed as you release your needs to God.  Be comforted as you trust in God and allow yourself to relax and to be led out of turmoil and into peace.  As your worries transform into peace of mind and your influence on others becomes calming and reassuring in a time when a cooler head must lead.  In the stillness and silence of peace of mind you become aware of the divine […]

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To Seek Comfort

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 To Seek Comfort

At the end of a long day, where do we seek comfort?  Is it to return home to a loving family or to unwind perhaps in the car with soothing music on the journey home?  We all need to seek comfort in our busy-hustle-bustle lives.  We need this special time in our lives to become refreshed and recharged before taking on the next challenge in our lives.  Perhaps on returning home, you sink into the comfort of a favourite chair.  As you sink deep into the cushions you begin to let go of the day’s events.  The stress and tension you once felt now disappears and you relax with peaceful thoughts.  But, comfort means more than the coziness of a favourite chair or an old, soft pair of slippers.  Comfort speaks to the ease of spirit and resting in the joy of God’s love.  We experience comfort when we are still, calm, and soaking in the radiance of the Divine.


Sitting in silence, we become aware of the grace of God and feel the love of God.  We release the resistance and the insights that might have eluded us before now  become clear to us.  I now can extend comfort to others with compassion.


It is now you can feel God’s presence within you.  You know and trust that you are never alone.  We can give thanks for all of our wonderful blessings.  If something is troubling us, we can forgive ourselves and others for misunderstandings and things we have no control […]

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