Lynn is very active in her community.  She is a true advocate for individuals with disabilities, and gives a voice to those who do not have one.

Human Rights Advocate for those with disabilities. 

Certified Reiki and NLP Trainer.

Snoezelen™ “Sensory Therapist”

Experienced in Better Communication Skills and Leadership Training

Lynn is trained and experienced with the tools, techniques, and abilities to help you set your goals and achieve.

Lynn has the ability to touch hearts, igniting a flame of passion in an individual creating motivation to “step out” of their comfort zone, face fear, challenge themselves to achieve their dream, making it a reality.  

Call me today for your free consultation to discuss your future goals and purpose in life:  (519) 999-3717.

Enjoy your day and make it a successful one!

Lynn Fitzsimmons – International Motivational Speaker & Author – Profile

Lynn Fitzsimmons was born blind and because she was once considered to be handicapped, she struggled for most of her life to be accepted by society as “normal”.  Today Lynn is a successful International motivational speaker, mentor, success coach, author and Christian Minister, helping people to transform their own lives.

Traveling to Ghana, West Africa on a Christian Mission, Lynn presented two successful workshops on “Through Forgiveness We Can Succeed”.

Lynn believes that “Life is worth living” and her passion is to share her story of struggle and transformation to success in order that others may learn that they need to participate in their own lives and take control of their own true destiny.

Discovering your true “uniqueness and passion”, Lynn instructs individuals step-by-step, using tools and techniques to find their success and true happiness. Lynn’s new book: “Step Out For Success” is a true “success formula” for your personal and professional business life.  Learn Lynn’s personal success secrets by reading her new book: Step Out For Success.

“Have the courage to step out for success & always allow your passion & uniqueness to shine”.

Lynn Fitzsimmons new book has just been released.

Step Out For Success: An inspirational true story about how one lady that was born blind began to take control of her life, and stepped out and is now living her dream life.  Speaker, Mentor, Coach, and Author Lynn Fitzsimmons e-book only $11.95

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Lynn was recently featured in Windsor’s Biz X Magazine on page 31. Please have a look at Biz X website

Lynn also has a publication in “Chicken Soup for the Soul – Finding Your Inner Strength”.  The story is “Seeing the Real Me”.  Contact if you would like a copy of it.